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WorkCover Queensland


Australian Government Comcare

WorkSafe Victoria

Insurance Commission of Western Australia

Monash University



Return to Work SA

Gallagher Bassett


Employers Mutual Management Pty Ltd

WorkCover Queensland

AP Psychology

DXC Technology


OccPhyz Consulting

Phoenix Occupational Medicine

GUARDIAN Exercise Rehabilitation

JobFit Systems International

The Change Room

3D Mind Solutions

Procensol Appian




Allianz has proudly protected Australians for over 100 years.

Our team of experts in Personal Injury operate across the workers compensation, CTP and life insurance spaces, and aim to make a difference to the personal injury sector, including supporting those injured or in ill health, employers, businesses, and communities.

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited.

ABN 15 000 122 850

QBE Workers Compensation.

Empathy, innovation and expertise.

To drive better return to work outcomes, we have combined empathy and innovation with over 30 years of Workers Compensation expertise.

This is delivering optimal results for both the injured person and their employer.

ABN 78 003 191 035

Hall & Wilcox is a firm of more than 750 people nationally, including 90+ partners.

With a history of over 100 years, which started in insurance litigation, we have a deep understanding and commitment to the Australian insurance markets. We are a leading independent business law firm with 35 of our partners and 156 of our lawyers practicing in insurance with one of the largest workers compensation practices in the country.

We have national capability with a strong local focus. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Darwin.

ABN 58 041 376 985

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is the independent regulator of three statutory insurance schemes in NSW – workers compensation, compulsory third party (CTP), and home building compensation.

SIRA’s role is to ensure that these schemes are fair, effective, and affordable for policy holders, and deliver support to people who make a claim now, or in the future.

It aims to achieve financially sustainable schemes, affordable premiums, optimal outcomes for injured people, positive customer experiences, and public trust in SIRA and the schemes it regulates.

ABN 19 241 815 442

At icare, we deliver best in class insurance and care services to the businesses, people and communities of NSW.
Whether a person is severely injured in the workplace or on our roads, icare supports their long-term care needs to improve quality of life, including helping people return to work.

We provide workers compensation insurance to more than 326,000 public and private sector employers in NSW and their 3.6 million employees.

In addition, we insure builders and homeowners, provide treatment and care to people severely injured on NSW roads and protect more than $193 billion of NSW Government assets, including the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, schools and hospitals.


WorkCover WA is the government agency responsible for managing the Western Australian workers’ compensation and injury management scheme. It is a statutory authority accountable to the Minister for Industrial Relations. The role of WorkCover WA includes:
  • Providing strategic policy advice to government regarding workers’ compensation
  • Regulating workers, employers and service providers and monitoring compliance with the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 (WA) (the Act)
  • Educating workers, employers and others about workers’ compensation and injury management, and
  • Providing an independent dispute resolution service.
ABN 13 259 027 099

CGU is a leading commercial, rural and personal lines insurer and a top-three provider of workers compensation insurance.

We offer market-leading products and outstanding service, backed by a 165-year heritage, national reach and the financial strength that comes from being part of Australia’s largest insurance parent, Insurance Australia Group (IAG).

We have built our brand around our customers and our partners and we are committed to providing you with the best possible service.

ABN 11 000 016 722

Comcare is the government regulator, workers’ compensation insurer, claims manager and scheme administrator.

Through our role, we work with employees and other workers, employers, service providers and other organisations to:
• minimise the impact of harm in the workplace
• improve recovery at work and return to work
• promote the health benefits of good work.

We collaborate and partner with other schemes and organisations on research and innovative projects that improve outcomes.

More information about Comcare go to comcare.gov.au or call us on 1300 366 979.

ABN 15 000 122 850

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is a Victorian Government-owned organisation whose role is to support those who have been injured on our roads regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

The TAC provides medical, rehabilitation and financial support to help clients achieve their recovery goals and get their lives back on track.

Working closely with the Department of Transport, Victoria Police and others, the TAC also promotes road safety issues to increase awareness, change behaviour and ultimately reduce the incidence of road trauma.

ABN 12 100 650 333

WorkSafe Victoria plays a critical role in the lives of Victorian employers and workers – as the state’s health and safety regulator as the manager of Victoria’s workers compensation scheme.

In both capacities, employers and workers are at the heart of our service. Our aim is to keep all workplaces healthy and safe, and to deliver high quality care and treatment when workers are injured.

WorkSafe are proud to support the Personal Injury and Disability Management National Conference to help promote and showcase industry best practice.

ABN 90 296 467 627

The Insurance Commission of Western Australia is a statutory corporation and Government Trading Enterprise owned by the Western Australian Government.

The Insurance Commission provides motor injury insurance for more than 1.9 million drivers and 2.9 million vehicles in Western Australia and manages the self-insurance arrangements for 120,000 government employees at 111 agencies for workers’ compensation, property and liability insurance.

Last year, we paid $752.8 million to individuals, service providers and customers for injury, loss and damage claims. We support claimants with their rehabilitation journey and return to work. The Insurance Commission also funds research and care innovation projects to improve the independence of its clients and reduce costs.

ABN 29 939 126 359

The School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (SPHPM) at Monash is one of the largest public health research and education facilities in the Asia-Pacific region. SPHPM and the PIEF have partnered to create a unique, flexible offering that leads into a postgraduate pathway for people employed in the workers’ compensation and motor accident compensation schemes in Australia, New Zealand, and globally.

This pathway will provide industry participants with the opportunity to enrich and enhance the depth of personal injury and disability insurance management knowledge, skills and prepare them to become future leaders of this essential industry.

For more information about the Monash – PIEF Partnership and the postgraduate pathway program visit here

ABN 12 377 614 012

Suncorp Group is Australia’s largest private personal injury insurer, operating in workers compensation and motor injury schemes across Australia. The Group brands include Suncorp, AAMI, GIO, Apia, and Shannons.

The Group focuses on the rehabilitation, and post injury management of customers to get them back to work and pre-injury life sooner, after they have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or in the workplace.   

Suncorp advocates for sustainable scheme design that supports all injured people recover as quickly as possible and improves the outcome for all involved.

ABN 47 105 207 172

At Sedgwick, caring counts; through the expertise of 27,000 colleagues, they take care of people and organizations by promoting health and productivity, protecting brand reputations, and containing costs that can impact the bottom line.

As the largest administrator of workers’ compensation claims in the world, Sedgwick handles more than one million claims related to on-the-job injuries annually. Their solutions mitigate the medical expense and income replacement claims of employees arising from work-related injuries and illnesses.

Sedgwick manages claims from inception to resolution, using cost containment measures and strategies to produce the best outcomes in accordance with local laws.

ABN 65 004 651 487

ReturnToWorkSA provides insurance that protects South Australian businesses and their workers from the costs of a work injury. We aim to ensure that early and purposeful action is taken to support workers to realise the health benefits of work.

Where it’s likely a worker will be off of work for more than two weeks, our mobile claims managers will visit the worker and their employer to provide fast, personalised support to help the worker recover and return to work.

ABN 83 687 563 395

As Australia’s largest and most trusted multi-line Third Party Claims Administrator, Gallagher Bassett (GB) provides a complete range of claims management and consulting solutions including workers’ compensation, general insurance, self insurance and advisory services.

Drawing on our global network and extensive local resources, we provide customised claim and risk mitigation solutions that improve our clients’ outcomes.

A proud long term supporter of PIEF and recognised expert in personal injury claims management, GB offers clients the ‘best of the best’ in resources, innovation and capability, drawing from our global, national and local experience, providing workers’ compensation, self insurance, return to work and injury management services.


ABN 68 009 778 018

EML is a personal injury claims management organisation helping people get their lives back for 110 years.
Our team of more than 2,600 people is committed to the care of more than 80,000 workers across Australia annually.

As an Australian owned mutual, EML reinvests funds back into services and research initiatives to assist employers in helping people return to work sooner. Since 2012, EML has committed over $87M into programs and services that support our customers in creating safer workplaces.

ABN 67 000 006 486

AP Psychology & Consulting Services – Empowering Psychologically Safe & Thriving Workplaces.

AP Psychology & Consulting Services is an organisational psychology and consulting firm that is committed to creating and sustaining psychologically safe and thriving workplaces.

We have established a niche offering by bringing the worlds of clinical and organisational psychology together, while supporting organisations to develop leading-edge workplace solutions that are underpinned by a strong evidence-based framework.

We make a difference through prevention, protection, promotion and support of psychological wellbeing in the workplace.

How psychologically safe is your organisation?

Complete the Workplace Psychological Safety Index (WPSI) that will generate a specific psychological-safety risk profile for your organisation. As a delegate, you will also receive an industry-specific report on the psychological risk factors impacting your industry and how they can be mitigated.

WPSI Assessment

ABN 12 710 084 953

Strive is proud to be one of the few Queensland owned and operated rehabilitation providers. We deliver engaged people thriving at work, not just sending people back to work. We have a highly experienced team of health professionals led by one of the most experienced leadership teams in the industry.

We are well known throughout the industry as a leader in early intervention, complex case management and innovative pilot programs.

ABN 74 110 180 240

OccPhyz Consulting is a group of dedicated specialist Occupational & Environmental Physicians who provide expert medical opinion and advice to our patients, government and corporations to maximise the health and wellbeing benefits of work. We identify risks and assist with the management any workplace medical issue to ensure a safe and happy work environment for all concerned.

We promote honesty, integrity and openness in all we do and ensure high levels of communication, engagement and innovation, to provide the best service possible.

ABN 57 125 758 634

JobFit System reduces workplace injury and increases productivity. Our patented approach has been crafted by scientific evidence that shows how the risks increase when workers do not meet their job demands.

The system analyses worker information and job task information, with both sets of data compared to quickly show what the worker can do, can’t do, and how to close the gap in-between. Features include pre-employment risk management, early and safe return to work, ergonomics and manual handling improvements, and health and wellness programs.

ABN 78 104 491 714

The Change Room provides programs to improve Health, Wellbeing & Resilience.

All programs are evidence based and highly relatable, delivered by Mentors with lived experience and deep expertise. Mentors share practical tools that empower participants to take control of their physical, mental and emotional health.

Programs are designed to service two key areas;

  • Supporting the recovery of injury or illness through Insurance portfolio
  • Providing programs in a preventative format to build wellbeing resilience through organisations

The Change Room Change Lives

ABN 19 231 429 189

3D Mind Solutions specialises in workplace mediation, vocational rehabilitation, training, management coaching and team interventions.

3DMS is a licensed Comcare provider, selected provider for Return to Work Services with WorkCover Queensland and a panel provider for ORAMS and the Early Intervention Programs with Queensland State Government, and have a long history of service to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Procensol Australia and Appian Corporation

Headquartered in Queensland, Procensol specialises in improving the efficiency, effectiveness and client/ employee experience of long-tail insurance claims. Backed by the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform, Procensol offers technology solutions such as sophisticated case management and user experience, resulting in streamlined processes, reduced costs, better reporting, and increased client satisfaction.

Having saved one agency $800k a year, how can you not visit us at Booth 18?

ABN 27 602 161 544

From our humble beginnings in 1996, KINNECT now sits as the leading Privately Owned Occupational Health Company in Australia.

With wholly-owned metropolitan and regional offices throughout Australia, teams of passionate local staff and a network of over 350 affiliated partner clinics, KINNECT is a national provider of Occupational Health services. Our unique value proposition is our understanding and appreciation of health risk and partnering with our clients to develop tailored solutions.

ABN 31 114 691 860

Medipass, recently acquired by Tyro Payments, brings digital claiming and payments to health insurers and service providers, to make it easy to instantly adjudicate claims and pay providers the next day. Insurers enjoy reduced processing costs, faster paid providers and access to richer data. We facilitate claims for a range of insurers including Medicare and private health insurers, with a deep specialism in workers compensation and traffic accident schemes such as icare NSW, WorkCover Queensland, Comcare and more.

ABN 21 615 345 536

Shoulder injuries are on the rise making up 20% of all serious claims. Surgery is often prescribed however mixed outcomes are common and lower success in WC patients is reported.
The REGENETEN* Bioinductive Implant is an advanced healing solution for biological enhancement and tendon regeneration across all rotator cuff tear types.
The goal of REGENETEN is to stimulate the body’s own natural healing response, induce new tendon-like tissue growth and disrupt rotator cuff disease progression. Review the data on how REGENETEN can improve patient recovery and significantly impact RTW outcomes.

The Association of Self Insured Employers of Queensland (ASIEQ) is a representative group acting primarily for licensed self insured employers within the Queensland workers’ compensation environment.

The membership of the association has historically included all Queensland licensed self insured employers that make up approximately 12% of the overall Queensland workers’ compensation scheme. Our members consist of a diverse range of large organisations and businesses (almost 300 individual employers) that operate across a wide range of industries that contribute significantly to the Queensland community.


ABN 72 079 460 290

No More Pain Ergonomics is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of ergonomic equipment and solutions. They partner with rehabilitation consultants to assist in the supply of client-tailored, ergonomic solutions. These solutions help clients achieve comfort at work and positive return to work outcomes.

For occupational rehabilitation companies, No More Pain Ergonomics provides free training, education, and resources to upskill their consultants to prescribe ergonomic equipment. No More Pain Ergonomics has an extensive range of ergonomic equipment to support any ergonomic-related issue.

ABN 85 614 637 937

mlcoa is a leading provider of independent medical opinions in Australia. Covering every major medical specialty, our team has more than 30 years’ experience in delivering medical assessment services. Our specialists provide trusted, independent and evidence-based opinions to inform decision making and enable the optimal management of your clients’ medical conditions. With over 70 key metropolitan and regional locations, we have the size and agility to be where you need us most. ABN 32 141 219 785

Career Management Services (CMS) provides specialist Career Transition Services to insurance companies, agencies, and organisations in workers’ compensation, CTP, life, and redeployment across Australia. CMS assists employees who are unable to return to pre-injury positions to successfully transition into other fulfilling roles.

CMS’ proven industry expertise in vocational guidance, career coaching and new employer services provide greater certainty and confidence to expedite injured workers into sustainable meaningful roles. CMS enables individuals return to work/life successfully and achieve better RTW outcomes.

ABN 83 106 361 648

Proudly Australian-owned, eReports are a customer service-focused provider of expert independent medical opinions.

Our comprehensive range of solutions includes tailored services for the requirements of the individual or organisation. eReports empower sound decision-making to provide a clear path forward, with experts that are leaders in their field.

eReports NEXUS video assessment platform is highly advanced, offering unrivalled concierge support for your organisation and those you support.

With 600+ medical experts, offices in every state and territory and the most advanced technology in our sector, eReports delivers integrity, efficiency and transparency in all that we do.

ABN 88 141 216 711

Red Health is Australia’s premier Medico-Legal service provider, facilitating Independent Medical Assessments within the Legal, Insurance, Government, Superannuation, Workers’ Compensation, and Private sectors.

Red Health excels in understanding the needs of the medical experts and clients who engage our services. With our 24/7 online portal and industry-leading Quality Assurance and Customer Experience teams, working with us is simple.

Red Health represents the Gold Standard in Medico-Legal. We are known for service excellence, the ability to get results, and our elite referral network of medical specialists across Australia and New Zealand.

ABN 53 149 470 119